Roundup of the Most Innovative in Fitness Tech

It’s not news to anyone that technology has been having a growing influence in the world of fitness and wellness. There were more than 500 vendors at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year showcasing the latest in digital health products. Here’s our roundup of a few of the most innovative health and fitness gadgets from this past year.


via Lumen

Lumen is portable device connected to an app that accurately measures your metabolism. It analyzes the CO2 concentration in your breath to identify whether your body is using fat or carbs as fuel to produce energy.

Lumen uses this information to tell you what and when to eat in order to best fuel your workouts, improve your metabolic flexibility, and support fat burn. Lumen can also tell you if you have enough energy for a workout or if you need to fuel up. Breathe into it afterwards to see the impact of the workout on your body.

With Lumen, you can see how your daily metabolism is affected by your sleep, exercise, and nutrition.

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via Dreem

It’s no secret that good sleep is crucial to a healthy life. Dreem is a headband that provides a tailored, science-based solution to your sleep troubles. The headband collects data from your brain and body while you sleep to track, analyze, understand, and improve your sleep.

The app uses the information collected to provide a custom-tailored plan of validated exercises, meditations, and coaching. Dreem also has support team of trained psychologists you can speak to in order to help you build a better sleep routine.

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Nadi X from Wearable X

via Wearable X

Nadi X are haptic yoga pants that vibrate when it senses that your form needs adjustment. This advanced wearable technology uses electronic sensors to track your body’s movement and provided haptic feedback (vibrations on your skin) to correct your alignment.

Improve your yoga practice with real-time, ultra-personal feedback!

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Fitbit Versa 2

via Fitbit

The Fitbit Versa 2 is an elevated gadget that combines all the best features of a smartwatch and a fitness tracker. Not only does it track your physical activity, the Versa 2 also closely monitors your heart rate, sleep, nutrition, and more to give a fuller picture of your health.

It’s also equipped with Amazon Alexa, Spotify, FitbitPay, and other apps to make your life seamless. Set reminders, create shopping lists, check the weather, ask questions and more, all with ease from your wrist!

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Fitbit Charge

via Fitbit

If you’re looking for something simpler, the Fitbit Charge offers all the health and fitness tracking benefits just without the extra smartwatch capability. The Charge was voted the Fitness Tracker of the Year by Wareable. Get in-depth insights on your body, health, and fitness, and get the guidance you need to work towards your goals.

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