Why Personal Training Is Better Than The Gym

You may think there isn’t a significant difference between going to the gym on your own and having a personal trainer. Either way, you’re getting exercise, right?

Wrong! There are many reasons that personal training is better than going to the gym on your own. The biggest benefit of having a personal trainer is that they create a long-term fitness plan custom-tailored to your physical ability and the specific goals you are trying to reach. Your goals may be different from the person working out next to you. Perhaps you are trying to lose weight and slim down, but the other person is trying to gain muscle mass and get bigger. These goals require vastly different workout plans!

Here are some other reasons that personal training is preferable to going to the gym:

1. Safer Than The Gym

Even if gyms are limiting the capacity of people inside at a time, there is still a high foot traffic of people coming in and out. Not to mention a high number of people using, touching, and potentially sweating on all the same machines. Even with heightened sanitization measures, it would be difficult for gym staff members to keep track of every time a machine was used in order to clean it after each use. You could bring your own disinfecting wipes and make sure you wipe down the machines before you use it, but even then, not everyone will be wearing masks while they work out, so droplets could still transfer through the air.

With personal training studios like Just You Fitness, every session is private. Only one person is inside the studio at a time, which greatly reduces the amount of foot traffic in the studio compared to a typical gym. Unlike a more crowded gym, you and the personal trainer can ensure that you are safely distanced from one another during your session. We also make sure to sanitize the studio after each and every session.

2. One-On-One Attention From A Professional

While making it to the gym at all is commendable, most people don’t really have a plan when they get there. They may run on the treadmill or use the elliptical for a set amount of time, but aren’t sure of what areas to target or why. With a personal trainer, you get one-on-one attention from a professional who will customize your workouts to fit your fitness level and work towards specific goals.

At Just You Fitness, you can trust that you’re working with the best. We hand-select dedicated trainers who are certified from accredited organizations. Our professional trainers design training programs and nutritional guidelines tailored to your goals and needs so you know you’ll be getting the maximum results. Plus, having a personal trainer means you have a built-in accountability partner making sure you show up to your workouts!

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3. Private Studio Free From Judgement

Did we mention that our gyms are completely private? A private studio with only you and the trainer means freedom from judgement. When you’re at the gym, you might start to feel self-conscious about strangers staring at you or even judging you. Private personal training sessions can make you feel more comfortable, allowing you to do your best workout every time. Our personal trainers are dedicated to your success and will make sure you are at ease during your sessions (except when working out of course!). Plus…no more waiting for or fighting over limited machines!

Get Your Best Workout Anywhere!

You can even train virtually! Just You Fitness offers virtual personal training sessions so you can still get your best workout from the comfort of your home. Don’t have a home gym? No problem! Our trainers can work with the equipment you have and even your everyday household items to help you maximize your workouts to achieve the best results.

Learn more about personal training at Just You Fitness in your area!