How To Workout When Stuck At Home

Stuck at home?

Stuck at home and unable to go to the gym or do your normal workouts?

Self-quarantine may be necessary to help flatten to curve during this coronavirus pandemic. However, you may find yourself going stir-crazy when you’re not able to keep up your normal fitness routine.

At Home Workouts

One way to adapt is to find workouts you can do at home. In the video below, one of our personal trainers, Kellen Lake, demonstrates a simple workout you can do with items easily found in your home.

Virtual Personal Training Sessions

Another option is to take advantage of virtual personal training sessions! We here at Just You Fitness have rolled with the punches and are now offering virtual personal training sessions. With this easy and safe alternative, you can still work towards your fitness goals from the comfort of your own home. We make it easy for you–all you need is an internet connection.

Tara Johnston, another Just You Fitness trainer, documented one of her virtual sessions with her client. Yet another simple and easy (and safe!) way to maintain your fitness journey while staying at home!

Even when virtual, our personal trainers will tailor each session to fit your needs, fitness level, and goals. Find a Just You Fitness nearest to you and learn more about our virtual offerings.