How To Choose The Right Personal Trainer

There’s been a lot of talk about the benefits of a personal trainer, but how do you know if it’s right for you? And once you figure that out, how do you find a trainer who’s right for you? After all, personal training is a big commitment, and who you choose to help support you throughout your fitness journey is an important decision.

We’ve asked a few of our clients for their insights during their search for a personal trainer, and how their experience at Just You Fitness compares with other studios or gyms.

Initial Thoughts and Hesitations

When Lauren Mallory initially looked into Just You Fitness, she was skeptical. “I’ve had a lot of negative interactions with trainers over the years, and I was just leaving a trainer that wasn’t that great. I was skeptical to meet with another male trainer,” she told us.

“But Kellen is very approachable and is so invested in helping you set and reach healthy goals for yourself. He manages to encourage without scolding you like some trainers do when you inevitably have that momentary backslide.”

Dee Wilson has a similar story of what made her decide to stick with the trainer she met at her local Just You Fitness:

“When I decided two years ago that it was time for me to get serious again about my fitness, I interviewed 4 trainers around the area and ultimately chose Just You Fitness because they took the time to interview me! They were looking for commitment before they took me on. I wasn't just another client willing to pay for personal training. I knew after the interview I had to be mentally commitment and ready to do this with you.”

The Personal Difference

There are general benefits you gain from sessions with any personal trainer, such as having someone to keep you accountable, having a professional plan your workouts, and consistently working toward your goals.

However, the trainers at Just You Fitness provide an extra personal touch that doesn’t go unnoticed by their clients.

“Kellen kept me accountable on all fronts,” says Lauren. “It’s so easy to give 100% in the gym, and 0% outside. Kellen does NOT allow this!”

And they have worked on more than just “losing weight”. Lauren was dealing with some issues from a previous injury, and her trainer made sure to plan and adjust around them in a tailored way that allowed her to even out her muscle tone.

“My favorite part of working out with Kellen was the amazing atmosphere he creates and encourages. All of the terrible horrible Bulgarian split lunges and banded good mornings were made much less terrible by the many DC vs Marvel movie comparisons and the swapping of recommended Sci-Fi TV shows.”

“Their desire to see me become ‘excellent’ was as strong as my desire,” says Dee of her personal trainer. “What I love about my trainer is his commitment to his clients. He means it when he says he’s a PERSONAL trainer. He doesn’t just put you through a workout and then “sees you next time.” Instead, he stays involved with how you feel–how you’re eating, sleeping, de-stressing–everything that can affect progress in your program with him.”

The Results Speak For Themselves

Lauren says her eating and overall health has improved significantly since starting her personal training program.

“I started out at around 170 lbs (29% body fat) and even before the end of the first program that we selected, I am down to 152 lbs (20.9% body fat). So far I have gained 2 lbs of muscle and lost 16.8 lbs of fat.”

According to Dee, she felt stronger and fitter, life felt easier, her clothes fit better, and her confidence soared.

“Everything improved. Not overnight, of course, but I was able to achieve a fitness level I wasn’t sure I’d ever reach again. I lost 50lbs, 9% of body fat, and went from a size 14 to a 6. I am stronger and faster on the tennis court, and my confidence is at an all-time high!”

A Better Experience

Unlike other gyms or studios, your sessions at Just You Fitness are completely private and personalized. At our private studios, it really is just you–no crowded gyms, no fighting for equipment, no bystanders watching you, no feelings of self-consciousness. It is a completely judgement-free zone. Plus, you can even play your own fitness soundtrack to workout to!

“Showing up to a session with Kellen is like meeting a friend for a workout,” says Lauren. “I always know that he will be super encouraging and cheerful and there is a complete lack of judgement which is refreshing and rare.”

“I developed a real love for working out again,” says Dee. “They really listened to my needs and designed my workouts around what I wanted to achieve.”

Come experience better, completely private and personal training sessions at Just You Fitness. Come just as you are…unpack your bad habits, frustrations, and self-consciousness, and let us help you achieve new levels of fitness!


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