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4 Things Your Workouts Lack Without a Personal Trainer

Do people really need a personal trainer?

Some people may question the need for a personal trainer. Some may think it’s an unnecessary luxury reserved for celebrities. However, personal training has been ranked in the American College of Sports Medicine’s Top 10 Trends report ever since their very first publication in 2006.

The decision to hire a personal trainer can be empowering, and many people are finding that it’s a worthwhile investment (not just celebrities). A certified fitness expert can provide a tailored workout strategy, as well as the support and motivation to execute that strategy to meet your goals.

Here are four things that a personal trainer can do for you that you may be missing if you work out alone:

1. Create a Strategic Workout Program Tailored Just For You

The problem with working out on your own is that most people hop from machine to machine without a real purpose. Trying to achieve a goal without a plan is like throwing darts at a board and hoping you hit the bulls-eye. Just as with business or a work project, you must devise a strategic plan in order to work towards achieving a specific goal.

All of our personal trainers are certified professionals who are able to create workout programs customized to fit your needs and goals. One size does not fit all, and generic training sessions don’t help anyone. Our trainers assess your current fitness level and where you want to be, then create a step-by-step workout plan designed to get you results.

A set plan ensures that your limited time is being used effectively. No wasted time means maximized results!

2. Track Your Progress Toward Reasonable Goals

Personal trainers help you set reasonable and attainable goals. Everyone wants to achieve their goals right away, but losing 100 pounds in a week is not realistic. If weight loss is your large goal, your personal trainer will break that into a series of mini-goals that can be achieved over time.

Another benefit of working with a personal trainer is that they have a system in place to track your progress. Again, we are not randomly throwing darts at a board, but taking measurable steps to reach our goal. Tracking your progress is essential to getting results.

After the initial assessment to figure out where to start your fitness program, our personal trainers will conduct regular follow-ups to make sure that the program is still working for you.

This not only shows you the progress you are making, but also allows the trainer to pivot or make adjustments if certain exercises aren’t leading to great results.

3. Be a Dedicated Accountability Partner

Raise your hand if you’ve ever told yourself you were going to wake up early to go to the gym before work, only to turn off your alarm and sleep for another hour instead. We’re all guilty of this. That’s why a personal trainer is key to ensuring that you stick to your workout plan.

Staying consistent is half the battle when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. If you’ve made an appointment with your personal trainer, you’re far less likely to skip your session since there’s another person counting on you to show up.

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A personal trainer also inspires motivation for you to continue making exercise a regular part of your lifestyle. They can help you develop a more positive outlook toward working out by customizing your sessions with exercises you might find more enjoyable.

They are also your biggest cheerleader, celebrating your wins and encouraging you to keep pushing when you feel like giving up. This might be the best part of having a built-in accountability partner: having the support of someone who is just as dedicated to reaching your goals as you are.

4. Challenge You To Push Harder and Do Better

It’s important to regularly change up your workouts so your body doesn’t get too comfortable. A completely customized fitness program provides the flexibility for it to grow with you. A personal trainer can modify the program as you progress to make sure that you’re still being challenged. If it starts to become too easy, you won’t see the changes you want.

Conversely, if you do the same routine every time, you’ll start to get bored. A personal trainer can help take you to the next level, continuously challenging your physical abilities while keeping you on your toes.

What Is Required From You?

While there may be a number of personal trainers available in your area, you should do some research to find one with the skills and training style that is right for you. Since you’ll be spending a lot of time with your trainer, it’s worth putting in the effort to find someone you like. Take the time to interview them to make sure you choose the right personal trainer.

Also, while personal trainers can do a lot for you, you need to make sure that you’re ready to do your share of the work as well. As with any friendship or relationship, a relationship with a personal trainer is a two-way street: it only works if both parties put in the effort. Be ready to show up, work hard, and have the endurance it needs to reach your goals over time.

Investment into health and fitness is never a bad idea, so it’s worth seeking professional assistance from experts in the field to help you improve. If you’re ready to commit to reaching your goals, find a Just You Fitness studio near you here. Our personal trainers can create customized workouts, track your progress, keep you accountable, and continually challenge you. We are dedicated to your success!